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Born on May 21st in Columbia, South Carolina (many years ago J), Jerry Michelson is the younger of two brothers in his family, married to Rene’, and father to Josh. Dorothy (his mom) and Morgan (his dad) are both in Heaven now, but did their best to live their lives in such a way to be a Godly example for their children to follow. Jerry made the decision to follow Jesus at the age of eight while attending vacation Bible school in the summer of that year.

Jerry’s first experience with the inside of a radio station was at a station across the street from his high school which occasionally gave tours to students. He went on to major in music education while in college, where there was a radio station (WDYN-Chattanooga, TN) owned by the school that allowed students to intern and train in broadcasting. He worked there as a volunteer for 2 years before making a career move with a national restaurant chain to Greenville, SC in the summer of 1986. Jerry has been a member of the His Radio & Christian Talk team since May of 1990.

In his spare time, Jerry enjoys working out at the YMCA, working on cars, playing trombone in the church orchestra, and spending time with his family.