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I was born and grew up in the “Bootheel” of Missouri, south of St. Louis, and married my high school sweetheart there. Soon after the wedding Allen and I took off for college in Springfield, Mo. where I attended Missouri State University and he attended Central Bible College. We moved to Greenville in 1983, when Allen came to work for here. We came sight unseen; just loaded the truck and took off. We’ve always been a little unorthodox; rarely doing things in the traditional way. But, that keeps life interesting and exciting. I worked in accounting for the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Corporate Office before coming here as Office Manager.

I absolutely love living in the Carolinas and never get enough of the beautiful mountain views and the mild climate. I don’t miss those Midwestern thunderstorms that roll through for hours on end. I enjoy reading, collecting ornaments and hanging out with two fat, lazy cats, Fred and Abby. In case you don’t know, unlike dogs, you don’t own cats. They kind of like to think they own you. However, when I’m not working at my position, I’m pretty much doing house work and laundry.

Allen and I have one daughter, Amber Vargas, who lives in Indianapolis with her husband, Daniel, and one of the most beautiful baby girls in the world, Eva, pronounced Ava. I used to wonder why Grandparents are so silly? I mean, really?!? Now it’s me. “Have you seen my most recent picture of….. YES! I’ve seen your picture of Eva.” hehe